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rap, trap, s... if u tryin to go out on the cheap we got u (free w/ rsvp b4 10). if u tryin to ball while still holdin it down, we got u (brown bag bottle service w/ complimentary hot cheetos). if u somewhere in btwn and just tryin to show up fashionably late? we can do that too ($10 presale & show up whenevs) bringing bangers from 2day all the way back to 2K down south, to b-more, Jersey, t worry, we cleaned that ish up to make sure that bass still kicks u in the chest s half assed karaoke version of Glass Table Girls or like some 12yr old tik toker tryin to rap over a clams casino beat.Aux Cord (APF)Mike Woo (friendssf)Jenset (family not a group)Wables (portion club69)GET THAT FREE W/RSVP either way u finna get what u paid for. ~come get cloudy